Ph.D. Concentration:

Congregational Mission and Leadership

Few seminaries offer a Ph.D. in the areas of mission or leadership. Even fewer focus on mission or leadership in congregations within North America. Through this degree, Luther Seminary addresses a need that has gained increased attention in recent years—how to assist congregations in engaging North America as a mission field.

"We believe God is calling and sending the church of Jesus Christ into apostolic mission in the 21st-century world of many cultures and religions."

- from Luther Seminary's 2000-2005 Strategic Plan,
Serving the Promise of Our Mission.

These words express well the logic that informs this program concentration in the Ph.D. in the area of Congregational Mission and Leadership. Luther Seminary is committed to educating leaders for Christian communities. This commitment is embedded in all of the graduate programs that the seminary offers.

The Ph.D. concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership assists the seminary in further strengthening its commitment to prepare leaders for Christian ministry in the 21st century. To do this, it is vital for the church that individuals preparing for teaching ministry bring these themes into a common conversation:

  • North America as a mission field
  • What is the missional church?
  • How to address leadership theologically?
  • Ecclesiology informed by a Trinitarian missiology

Please explore this site for more detailed information about the Congregational Mission and Leadership Ph.D. concentration:

Program Objectives
Curriculum Overview
Key Faculty