Students at commencement

Master of Divinity

Prepare to lead

We are excited that you are thinking about pursuing your call to be a leader in a Christian community. In addition to applying to Luther Seminary, M.Div. students are required to go through a candidacy process, according to the church body in which they are preparing to serve. The Student Resource Center can help you navigate this process.

Our new curriculum — begun in the fall of 2014 — offers you more flexibility in how you pursue your M.Div.

Traditionally, our four-year M.Div. program includes three years of courses and one full year of internship. Now you can take courses and intern simultaneously, or finish earlier by studying/interning during the summers.

Along with our on campus options, you can choose to pursue your degree from home through our Distributed Learning (DL) program. The DL program enables you to pursue your degree at your own pace, from just about anywhere.

The graduation requirements for the M.Div. degree include:

  • 30 courses
  • Christian Public Leader (learning in context)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
  • Cross-Cultural Education
  • Internship

Please visit Luther’s Academic Catalog for a complete list of the M.Div. curriculum.