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Be a Faithful Giver

Share from God’s abundance

Faithful Giving, Luther Seminary's automatic gift transfer program, allows you to make easy and regular gifts.

The ease and flexibility to give monthly, quarterly or annually from checking, savings or credit card accounts has made the Faithful Giving program a popular option.

Many donors find that they are able to make larger gifts having a greater impact by spreading their gifts out over a number of months.

Why join Faithful Giving?

Anyone who wants to make consistent donations to Luther Seminary will benefit from the program.

This program may appeal to you if you:

  • Are retired or on a fixed income

  • Are seeking a quick and easy way to invest in the mission of Luther Seminary

  • Want to make a larger impact by making several smaller gifts over time

  • Want to create a customized, regular giving plan

  • Want to reduce environmental impact by making automatic gift transfers directly from your checking or savings accounts to Luther Seminary

Several hundred individuals and families are currently enrolled in Luther's Faithful Giving program. Each has set up a customized giving plan that works best for their household.

In addition, we invite you to consider making larger gifts through mutual funds, stocks or estate planning.  Giving to Luther Seminary's mission can be done either directly or through a gift model that can provide tax benefits and even income.

Become a Faithful Giver

To join:

  • Print and complete the commitment form (PDF).

  • Attach your voided check/savings deposit slip.

  • Drop it in the mail.

Mail your completed Faithful Giving form to:

Luther Seminary
Office of Seminary Relations
Attn: Faithful Giving
2481 Como Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

Your new, safe, easy and reliable giving plan is now in place!

Meet Faithful Givers

Erk and KendraFor Erik Gronberg and Kendra Mohn, both 2005 Luther Seminary Master of Divinity grads, finishing seminary and getting a regular paycheck meant it was their turn to give back.

"Both of us grew up in families where giving was very important. Tough times didn't stop giving. We both knew when we had a paycheck, it was our turn," Mohn said. "One of my favorite things to do is to say 'yes' when people ask us to give."

Gronberg echoes his wife's sentiments. "I learned about giving as a child. We were taught that giving is a spiritual decision, a discipleship decision. We give to Luther because we want it to be there for those preparing to be church leaders."

The couple began to give to Luther Seminary on a monthly basis through the Faithful Giving program. Since they began the program in 2005, they have given regularly each month and periodically increase the amount of their monthly gifts.

"We don't have large pools of cash. And Luther has expenses throughout the year. So we find it's a great benefit for us to give over the course of the year," Gronberg said.

Like many donors, Gronberg and Mohn see their giving as a way of giving back for what God has given them. "This is God's abundance. We have a lot more than we could have ever imagined we would," Gronberg said.

More information

Please contact Karen Johnson toll-free at 888-358-8437 or email with any questions about the Faithful Giving Program.

Faithful Giver?

  • Print and complete this commitment form (PDF)
  • Attach your voided check/savings deposit slip

  • Mail it to:
    Luther Seminary
    Office of Seminary Relations
    Attn: Faithful Giving
    2481 Como Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55108