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You qualify for membership if you have included Luther Seminary or the Luther Seminary Foundation in your estate plans. Find out more about qualifying gift options here:

To learn more about including Luther Seminary or the Luther Seminary Foundation in your estate plans at

We do ask every new member for permission before listing their name in our membership directory. Although members may choose to remain anonymous, we have discovered that prospective members usually review the membership listing and that this list often inspires them to consider membership. We refer to the use of your name in this way as making the “second gift.”


We express our appreciation for your qualifying gift and say thank you in a number of ways. As a new Heritage Society member, you are entitled to receive:

  • Certificate of Heritage Society membership
  • NATIVITY, a bronze sculpture which is the symbol of the Heritage Society
  • Artists’ certificate of NATIVITY authenticity
  • Invitation to the annual Giving Thanks: A Community of Saints event
  • Announcements of and invitations to other seminary events
  • A subscription to Luther Seminary’s biannual Story magazine
  • Annual recognition at the Giving Thanks event