Joining the Leadership Circle

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Leadership Circle of Congregations

Many congregations across the United States give generously to help Luther Seminary educate leaders for Christian communities. Over the past fiscal year, 30 congregations gave leadership gifts of $10,000 or more to Luther Seminary. They are being honored as members of the seminary's Leadership Circle of Congregations.

Read about what some of these congregations are doing to support new leaders for the church.

Some Leadership Circle congregations give to the Sustaining Fund, which supports the overall mission and program of the seminary. Others give to specific programs. Many give to provide scholarships to students, including men and women of their own congregations who are attending seminary.

These congregations see that providing support to reduce student debt load is critical. Students are now entering seminary earlier in their lives and are often still paying off debt from their undergraduate education. Students often face loans that are difficult to repay with first-call salaries. Students in this situation face significant challenges in being strong stewardship leaders.

Members of the Leadership Circle of Congregations come from a wide range of settings. They are located along the Pacific Coast, in Texas and Arizona and throughout the Midwest. They are rural, urban and suburban. They range from smaller congregations (100 to 500 members) to very large parishes (over 10,000 members) and all sizes in between. While the demographics are varied, they all have one thing in common--a dedication to preparing future leaders for the church.