The Mentor Christian Public Leader Sites for CPL for MDivs is now available and sites will be available for calls and visits until early September 2014. Looking to review sites for the CPL program for MAs? Click here to email Tim Coltvet!

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Saint Mark Lutheran Church

Address:930 Randolph Ave
City:St. Paul

Student Information

What kind of Christian Public Leader student would be right for you:We are open for any student.
How many students have you worked with in the past:20+
How many rising students or seminarians do you work with currently:0
For this coming semester, what is the maximum number of students with whom you could work:2
What is the optimal length of learning for students working with you:2 semesters|4 semesters
Why would this length of time be best:Depends upon the students and their talents, interests and willingness to be participant/observers

Site Information

Site keywords:Multifaith relations, stewardship, education, music, youth, high school, missions...
What is your congregation or nonprofit organization all about:An urban neighborhood church.
Please tell us a bit about your site:Founded: 1898. We are an urban neighborhood church with a local and global mission. We share a church with an African American United Church of God in Christ. We have good values with a will for teaching and visitation. We combine traditional/contemporary and our style.
Please tell us what a student can learn at your site:What it means for Christ to be at the heart of a congregation. We are able to hold common values and work together - "liberal and conservative and nones". We are small, but interesting.

Mentor Information: Walter Wietzke

Current position:Pastor
Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a Christian public leader:Sem: Columbus, then Germany, cont. ed at Wartburg and Luther. Active with public ed. in St. Paul and Augsburg. Coach. Influenced by Bonhoeffer, Sittler, Luther, Tillich, Paideia, Old and New Testament... Lutheranism. I believe all people deserve great theology and a sense of formation through the church.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a mentor of students:A matter of fact way of Christian living. Student/Leader relationship will combine the students talents and interests with a Participant/Observing role. This will be more relational than academic.