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Stordahl Lutheran Church

Address:15049 County 12 Blvd

Student Information

What kind of Christian Public Leader student would be right for you:A student that wants experience in rural/small congregation ministry. will have the opportunity to preach monthly and lead worship on a regular basis.
How many students have you worked with in the past:2
How many rising students or seminarians do you work with currently:0
For this coming semester, what is the maximum number of students with whom you could work:1
What is the optimal length of learning for students working with you:1 semester|2 semesters|4 semesters
Why would this length of time be best:The longer the time the better, allows the student to build relationships and see/experience the continuity of ministry over time.
Any time spent here would be valuable.

Site Information

Site keywords:Rural ministry with a large number of elderly members as well as a faithful group of young families. There are 7 students making their Affirmation of Faith this fall and 6 to start
What is your congregation or nonprofit organization all about:Worshiping Jesus and caring for one another and the community and world around us.
Please tell us a bit about your site:1878 - Satellite Congregation for Hauge Church in Kenyon/Aspelund
Our vision is to be "The Small Church with the Big Heart" engaging in caring mission to the community outside our walls.
Teaching discipleship in daily life.
Please tell us what a student can learn at your site:Rural Ministry, pastoral care of people in all walks and stages of life.
Discipleship in daily life, creation care.
This is a strong educational site with a deep desire to work with students.
Challenges have to do with having enough money and size.

Mentor Information: Kathleen Lowery

Current position:Pastor
Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a Christian public leader:Graduate of Montana State University in 1980 with a BSRN.
Graduated from Luther Seminary in 2000 with MDiv.
Received first call in 2003 to Stordahl.
Continuing education with synod opportunities and Luther Sem. Convo.
Goals are to continue to help Stordahl grow in faith and passion for their ministry.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a mentor of students:I love to work with students! I find it energizing to help them find experiences that help them to grow by exploring what it means to "be a pastor". As a mentor I like to collaborate and guide when necessary.