Contextual Learning

Contextual Learning is an integral part of theological and professional education for all students! In every Luther Seminary degree program, students are able to choose a variety of options in which they can engage spiritual and practical questions in real-world congregations and faith-based organizations. These options include Christian Public Leader (CPL), Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), Cross-Cultural Education (CCE), Diaconal Ministry, and Internship.


Known as “Teaching Congregations” pre-2014 and “Christian Public Leader” as of the 2014-2015 academic year, Teaching Congregations and Christian Public Leader are short-term, part-time contextual education placements in which students can explore academic and theological questions in a real-world environment. Click the link to read more.


Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a student-centered, reflective, and transformative contextual learning experience undertaken with the supervision of a trained CPE supervisor. CPE takes place in a variety of ministry settings from hospital and extended care facilities to congregational and faith-based organizations. It focuses on the development of pastoral formation, competence, and reflection. Click the link to read more.


Known as "Cross-Cultural Mission Experience" pre-2014 and "Cross-Cultural Education" as of the 2014 - 2015 academic year, Cross-Cultural Education places the student in an unfamiliar context not only through academic or theological study, but also through immersion in a cross-cultural site or sites. Click the link to read more.


Diaconal ministers are consecrated to ministry of Word and Service, at the intersection of church and world. Diaconal ministers work to seek wholeness in the world, sharing the hope of Christ and equipping others for healing and justice in the world. Diaconal ministers serve through agencies, institutions, and traditional church programs as they build bridges between the church and the world. Click the link to read more.


Internship is a core integrative experiential learning component of the formation of Christian public leaders. Internship provides leadership experience under the supervision of a pastor or non-profit ministry leader who serves as a contextual educator. Its dual aim is a developmental process of vocational formation and growth in competence in the various skills of ministry practice. Click the link to read more.


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