Click here to review the complete Internship Timeline for 2014 – 2015. See below for more details.

1. Preliminary Interviews with Contextual Learning Staff 
October and November 2013

All prospective interns who have submitted an application by October 21, 2013 will be assigned a Contextual Learning placement point person and have a preliminary interview during the week of November 11-15, 2013.

2. Read about the Sites - view site profiles here
Beginning February 7 2014

Beginning February 7, prospective interns who have completed and submitted an internship application for the next academic year can view the information online. Students are encouraged to check back throughout February, as more sites may be added to this list as we receive their information.

3. Interviews with Potential Supervisors

Many internship site supervisors come to Luther Seminary to interview potential interns in mid-February. If you wish to interview with potential supervisors you will need to sign up for an interview time via Google Calendar’s Appointments tool. An email will be sent to all prospective interns giving a link to the Appointments tool when the interview time slots are finalized.

  • Please do not contact the supervisor directly.  Sign up for an interview using the Appointments tool.
  • Twin Cities interviews: Students who have indicated that they intend to geographically restrict their internship to the Twin Cities Metro area will interview with Twin Cities area pastors.
  • If you have any questions or concerns after interviewing with a potential supervisor: Please be in touch with your placement contact person, who will work with you to develop a solution. This includes passing along your thank-you note after your interview.
  • Whenever possible, select interviews that do not conflict with class times. If there are no interview times available that don’t conflict with your class schedule, please contact Contextual Learning about additional time slots.

While we know that every prospective intern wants to reach out in kindness, hospitality, interest, or a desire to connect, we also want to ensure that all interns have the best interview experience possible. So, we ask all interns to avoid contacting supervisors directly. We’ve instituted this policy partly to streamline interview scheduling, but also to create a level playing field for all prospective interns. If some applicants develop communication with pastors independently, then other applicants will not be able to enjoy the same level of communication as decisions are made.

4. Submit Preferences
March 1 – 11 2014

We recommend that you carefully re-read the site profiles that interest you. Next, submit your Internship Placement Preferences Formgiving your top choices with accompanying reasons. Space will be available for you to reflect on all of the sites/supervisors with whom you interviewed.  Please note: you are also able to indicate if a site would not serve you well for internship. Your preference form should be submitted online by March 11, 2014.

Again, please do not contact the supervisor of a site you are interested in. All communication regarding placement goes through the Contextual Learning office.

5. Placements Completed

The Contextual Learning staff will take into consideration your placement preferences, the prospective supervisors’ reflections, as well as Contextual Learning staff’s knowledge of students and sites to make decisions regarding optimal placements for the entire 2014-2015 internship class. Students and supervisors will be notified of internship placements via email from the Contextual Learning office by mid-April.

For those students requesting a geographically restricted placement outside of the Twin Cities, the timeline may need to be extended beyond mid-April.