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Messiah Evangelical Lutheran

Address:2400 Park Avenue
Baptized Membership:207
Confirmed Membership:158
Average Sunday Attendance:90
Paid Staff:Pastor/Developer, Administrator, Director of Youth & Family Ministries, Director of Pastoral Care , Outreach Coordinator
Access to Public Transit:Quick access from downtown and light rail via frequent # 5 bus route, 10 minutes from seminary by car.
Congregation Description:Messiah Lutheran Church, an over 100yr-old congregation is located in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. It is a new mission faith community embedded in the midst of the newly developing Center For Changing Lives (CFCL), an initiative of Faith in the City (which includes: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Fairview Health Services, Augsburg College, Central Lutheran Church, Lutheran Services of Minnesota, Luther Seminary and Augsburg Fortress Publishers). CFCL, both a place and a concept, involves a 7-day - per week seamless mix of spiritual, social, financial, health, housing, and other responses to the many challenges of inner city people and the presence of a working and worshiping faith community.

Messiah is intentionally developing a beloved community in the midst of a highly diverse, multicultural, 21st century, a challenged inner city setting. There is no racial, ethnic or demographic majority in the worshiping community. Messiah seeks to provide a safe and accepting, loving and serving, inclusive and missional setting for a great diversity of backgrounds, values and beliefs.

Messiah has deep roots in the Augustana Lutheran tradition. It spawned such churches as Mt. Olivet of Minneapolis and St. Stephen of Bloomington. The marvelous Lutheran understanding of how God works in our lives is pervasive and central to the mission. This means growing and leaning forward together with people of many backgrounds and cultures ranging from "bapticostals" to Roman Catholics to un-churched by emphasizing core Lutheran themes i.e. Lutheran confessions, yes - - - "Lutheran culture," not so much. A pastor/developer, several member pastors, community based CPE and pastoral interns as well as other contextual education students, along with a diverse community, create a richly varied set of worldviews, perspectives and images for Christs church today. There are also several inner city and partner suburban churches as well as other organizations and agencies collaborating and interacting with us as we come together in Jesus name to worship, love and serve. We seek to build beloved community and create a gospel presence in it.

For more information, please check out our developing website http://messiahmpls.org (click on "Contextual Education") or better, come and visit us! Also know that contextual education at Messiah includes, experience with urban suburban partnerships. In particular, see St. Stephen LC in this listing. May God bless you as you prepare for your calling.

Congregation Keywords:beloved community, intentionality, "walk-withers," multicultural, neighborhood, diversity, inner city challenges

Mentor Pastor: Dr. Lucy Mungai

Years in Ordained Ministry:
Years in Current Position:
Previous Students Supervised:
Autobiography:Messiah Lutheran is engaging in the call process currently. Contextual education students would work with Dr. Lucy Mungai, Director of Spiritual Care, Messiah and the CFCL.

From her biography at the Collegeville Institute:

"Lucy Mungai is the director of spiritual care at Messiah Church and the Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis and an ordained elder at Church of All Nations in Columbia Heights MN. With a PhD in Pastoral care and Counseling (Luther Seminary, 2011), and five units of CPE, she is also involved in chaplain and teaching ministries. Lucy’s passion for ministry includes listening to people’s stories, facilitating where necessary, imagination & birthing of future stories, and vouching for those whose stories would otherwise not be heard."