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[SITE FULL] Humble Walk Lutheran Church

Address:941 West Seventh Street
City:St Paul
Baptized Membership:0
Confirmed Membership:0
Average Sunday Attendance:35
Paid Staff:Part time pastor/mission developer
Quarter time worship and arts coordinator
Access to Public Transit:On the bus line.
Congregation Description:Four years ago (over backyard fences and alley conversations), Humble Walk sprang up. Humble Walk is a scrappy little church plant in the West Seventh neighborhood of Saint Paul. We live our life together out of rubbermaid totes, and in the fullness of God's grace. Small Church. Big Gospel. is what we like to call it when we are being fancy. We are learning how to live together in community, learning to love God and one another. We take our role within the wider community seriously.

Humble Walk is a Word and Sacrament community. Our table is wide and includes a good deal of ruffians. Sometimes, visitors out-number regular worshipers. Sometimes, adults are out-numbered by kids. It's always a little bit weird and awkward, but wonderfully holy.

We first gathered for worship in a coffee shop, then a store front, then a park and now we are in an art gallery. Worship is Sunday at 4:30PM. However, worship is one small slice of the Humble Walk community.

Art and music infuse our life together. We host a guest artist each week--and sponsor Beer and Hymns at our local bar. We also do Theology Pub every month.

We do not have any programs. We have more people in regular bible study than in worship. For two years, we served coffee and donuts every week at the bus stop. During the summer, we organize weekly games in our local public park.

Congregation Keywords:Urban, new start, scrappy, art-centered, working-class neighborhood

Mentor Pastor: Jodi Houge

Years in Ordained Ministry:3
Years in Current Position:4
Previous Students Supervised:1
Autobiography:Jodi Bjornstad Houge was raised by potato farmers in Walhalla, ND. She attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and graduated in 1995 with a degree in Organization Communications and English Writing. Four years of summer bible camp work led to a year-round position in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho at Camp Lutherhaven...which led to a youth ministry job in Sandpoint, Idaho. Which led to a youth ministry job in Maplewood, MN. Husband. Daughter. Started Luther Seminary. Second daughter. Started Humble Walk. Graduated. Ordained to Humble Walk.

Jodi and five of her pastor friends received a fat grant from Austin Presbyterian Seminary. It provides funding for two-years of support. These six pastors run away for a 24 hour retreat every month and they read big books and eat good food.

Jodi grows things (community, vegetables, kids), camps in the family VW Vanagon...when it's running, and takes in a good deal of coffee and local music.