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Our Savior's Lutheran

Address:PO BOX 136
Demonination:ELCA Lutheran
Baptized Membership:260
Confirmed Membership:150
Average Sunday Attendance:80
Paid Staff:Pastor Janet Miller
a Secretary and a treasurer
Access to Public Transit:none
Congregation Description:Waubay, S.D. is a rural farming community that is unique in some ways because it also sits on a part of the Native American reservation area (the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyatte tribal reservation). The community is 65% Native American but we have only about five members of our congregation who are Native. We have a high school and grade school in the community and most of the social events are scheduled around it.
Our congregation worships at 11:00am each Sunday. We are a part of the 4 Winds Partnership Churches so our pastor serves 2 other congregations in Bristol and Butlet South Dakota. She leads worship in all three congregations each Sunday with a schedule of 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am worships. Our Savior's has Sunday School in the fall/winter/spring months that meets at 9:45am. We have active youth and confirmation programs and an active WELCA group. On Sundays we have adult Bible study and we also have a men's group that meets once a month. Our youth lead worship once a month and are very active in our community.
We are beginning to work with the community churches and organizations for a backpack lunch program for our school kids. 70% of our children get free lunches and many are hungry over the weekends and we are attempting to help out. Our congregation is also active in the planning of yearly baccalauriatte services and helping the the library fundraiser events. We are the congregation that most community needs are sent to and we try our best to include all needs in our ministry.
Our Savior's is blessed to have a nice group of young families who are active so Sunday worships are noisy! We are a lake congregation so people here are informal and enjoy trying new things.
The main issue facing our congregations is the economic problems of our people. We are agriculture based and it has been a drought year. Our community experienced flooding last year that left 36 houses underwater and our lift system in danger of collapse so we have gone from one disaster to the other quickly.
Our community has decreased in occupants because of the economy and the flood issues. This follows a long drawn out decrease that all rural South Dakota towns have seen as our young people leave for education and jobs and don't return.
Congregation Keywords:rural, farming, drought, flood recovery, fun loving, hard working, flexable, Missional, commuting for work, musical

Mentor Pastor: Janet Miller

Years in Ordained Ministry:4
Years in Current Position:8
Previous Students Supervised:0
Autobiography:I am a 45 year old married mother. All four of my own children are grown and we are raising one nephew who is a high school senior. I am the wife of a farmer.
I entered leadership in the church 8 years ago as a AIM. After much prayer and encouragement, I entered the TEEM track of seminary education to become a pastor. I commuted back and forth to PLTS in Berkley for my seminary education. I was ordained in 2008.
I enjoy reading to study for my call. I am a certified member of our synod stewardship leader group and am currently reading through books to find a good one for our synod Bible study. For "fun and escape" reading, I pick up something in fantasy and recently finished up the Game of Thrones series.
I am attending the Luther Seminary preaching gathering for part of this year's continuing Ed. I also will travel to ELCA offices in Chicago sometime in January for special education on teaching Stewardship and will teach an online class following the education. I am also a member of our synod candidacy committee and the conference secretary.
I am working with community leaders to get a backpack lunch program going in our school and am the oncall pastor for any tragedies in the school.
I am blessed to have family near by and we are currently planning two of my children's weddings so that takes most of my free time (and money).