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[SITE FULL] Valley Community Presbyterian Church

Address:3100 Lilac Drive North
City:Golden Valley
Baptized Membership:0
Confirmed Membership:460
Average Sunday Attendance:255
Paid Staff:Richard Buller, pastor
Sarah Bigwood, Director of Family Ministires (Fulltime)
Wendy Fields, Director of Christian Education (25 hours a week)
Andrew Fleser, director of music
Scott Newman, director contempaory music
Two office staff
One custodian
Access to Public Transit:Need a car
Congregation Description:Valley church has a mission statement that ends with these words: Open Hearts, Open minds, Opening lives to God. It is a congregation that lives up to that phrase. On Sunday mornings we have two worship services during the school: one is more traditional and the other is more contemporary. Our Youth program has 45 active participants. We have 20-25 children up for the children sermon on Sunday morning. The congregation celebrated its 60 anniversary. I have been the pastor for the past 10 years. We have been refreshing our building for the past 8 years with 3 back-to-back three year capital campaigns. We will finish our 9th year of the campaign in 2013. Mission is huge at Valley. We have received a lot and we believe that we need to give a lot.
Congregation Keywords:suburban, mission-minded, open hearts, musical, active youth group, joyful spirit, warm fellowship, family-like atmosphere, lots of progressives, a few conservatives,

Mentor Pastor: Richard Buller

Phone:763 588 0831
Years in Ordained Ministry:1985
Years in Current Position:10
Previous Students Supervised:17
Autobiography:Raised in the Mennonite Church
Graduated from a Lutheran College (Augsburg)
Received my M.Div from a Presbyterian Seminary (Princeton)
Served 3 congregations: inner city Philly, downtown Waterloo, Iowa, and suburban Golden Valley
Participated in CREDO....life-changing
Loving wife, 2 sons: 24 and 19
President of Meadow Lake Watershed Ass. for 5 years
Block captain for 11 years
Mentor and Tutor at local elementary 6 years
"New Hope Good Citizen" award this past month