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Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address:4150 Dupont Ave N
Denomination:ELCA Lutheran
Baptized Membership:350
Confirmed Membership:350
Average Sunday Attendance:65
Paid Staff:Music Director, Christian Education Director, Church Secretary, Youth Director, Janitor
Access to Public Transit:Easily accessible via Minneapolis bus lines
Congregation Description:Salem is a warm and welcoming heritage Lutheran church. It began as a Swedish Augustana congregation in 1898. We've operated a dining hall at the Minnesota State Fair for over 64 years. Over the years, approximately 50 percent of the north side membership moved out to the suburbs. 40 percent still live in the neighborhood. This has turned Salem into a default destination church; a community people travel to because it's where they grew up. This has meant a certain disconnect with the neighborhood. As the congregation has aged out, the remaining members are passionate about Salem AND admit to being time and energy poor. A small group of people populate all the remaining committees, reporting that death or senility is the only way to be released from responsibility. Still they love this church. This year we have grown and people are finding a progressive and welcome community of faith. In a recent survey we scored very high in adaptability and progressive theology. We will vote on becoming RIC (Reconciling in Christ) this month. All things considered, this is an exciting time in the life of Salem. We are rediscovering our gifts and learning how to be neighbors in new and creative ways. We are involved in a north side conversation with other Lutheran churches engaged in imagining a parish concept whereby we can share passion ,resources and mission projects. I believe this would be an amazing learning site for any student who would like to be involved with casting vision and discovering new ways of being church. Plus, we've got a real live blue grass band that seriously rocks! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?
Congregation Keywords:Urban, diverse, redevelopment, radically inclusive and welcoming.

Mentor Pastor: Robyn Provis

Years in Ordained Ministry:11
Years in Current Position:2
Previous Students Supervised:5
Autobiography:I am an unexpected Lutheran,a convert who has test driven many other spiritual paths along the way. In truth I am a Methodist, Mormon, Metaphysical, and thus a Lutheran hybrid. My spirituality flows from them all. In the end I found sanity and grace in the teachings of the Lutheran faith. I love the diverse way God incarnates into each of us, which was the subject of my DMin dissertation. I also do a limited amount of consulting work through the national firm Kairos and Associates. Currently I am a coach for the Macedonia stewardship Project. In addition, I'm a long time spiritual activist, working on issues of lgbtq equality and anti-racism.

I am passionate about helping communities of faith (and individuals) discover the growing edge of what God is calling them to do and be in the world. I see community as a means of transformational witness and lived action.
I live in Richfield, MN with my spouse Kathy and a spoiled dog. When I'm not working, I'm reading, sewing, and spending time with friends. I've served as both an ELCA pastor as well as a pastor within Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) I've also served as an interim pastor which I mention because of the opportunity to learn how to read people, contexts, and congregations. Lastly, I am a second career clergy person. I spent over 25 years in communications and marketing. I enjoy passing on the diversity of my experience within a mentor relationship.