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Christ the King

Address:1900 Seventh Street, NW
City:New Brighton
Baptized Membership:1889
Confirmed Membership:1430
Average Sunday Attendance:517
Paid Staff:Sr. Pastor, CYF Pastor, Outreach Pastor, Visitation Pastor, CYF Directors (3), Music Minister, Organist, Adult Ministry (2 FTE), finance/admin (3 FTE), maintenance, etc.
Access to Public Transit:±1 Hour from Luther
either the 3 or the 16, transfer to the 825
Congregation Description:A fifty-year-old congregation in a first-ring suburb whose demographic is changing and becoming more diverse. This congregation is very involved in work with local and global mission partners, and is beginning to move from simply funding/volunteering to help these programs to embodying them as core function of the mission of the congregation.
Sunday worship is at 8:30, 9:30 and 10:45, with the 3rd service being described as more "contemporary" than the first two. Sunday school is at 9:30, and Wednesday night includes dinner, choir rehearsals (multiple choirs, including bell choirs), confirmation, elementary "club" and adult education opportunities.
The major transitions currently underway is the beginning of the ministry of the 3rd Senior pastor in the congregation's 50 year history, along with the conscious decision to reach out more fully to engage the changing neighborhood in which the congregation is found.
Congregation Keywords:first-ring suburb, missional, active, programatic, staff-driven (this is beginning to change), musical, diversifying (albeit slowly...)

Mentor Pastor: Peter Hanson

Years in Ordained Ministry:20
Years in Current Position:<1
Previous Students Supervised:0
Autobiography:While I am new to Christ the King and to the Luther Seminary Teaching Congregations program, I am not new to supervising or mentoring seminary students or newly ordained pastors. Ordained in 1994, I served as a solo pastor in Brattleboro, VT, where I was also the dean of the Vermont Conference of the New England Synod. My next call was with Global Mission, with whom I served for 10+ years in Senegal. During that time, I served as Director of the ELCA Mission Association, which included responsibilities for mentoring First-Call pastors serving with the ELCA in Senegal. The latter five years of my time in Senegal I worked in theological education, providing mentoring and continuing education opportunities to the two generations of pastors in the Lutheran Church of Senegal, as well as helping to develop and then teaching in a Pastoral Formation Program, guiding ten new theological students (from Senegal and Guinea) toward ordination. In addition to my service with Christ the King, I am on the St Paul Area Synod's Companion Synod committee. My professionally and continuing education reading is largely in the areas of leadership, organizational development, missiology and transcultural ministry. In addition, I spend much of my free time reading, watching films (with a preference for French films), walking and biking, and traveling (though the not nearly as much as I would like).