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October 2012

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation—in Germany!

We confess as a school that the Holy Spirit is calling and sending the church of Jesus Christ into apostolic mission for the sake of God's world. We express our mission by focusing on our students as leaders. What is the goal of any program at Luther Seminary? Our goal is to equip evangelical public leaders for apostolic mission.

So what do we mean by "evangelical public leaders for apostolic mission?" Much is packed into this short phrase:

  • The call to carry out the charge first placed by Jesus upon his earliest disciples to share God's good news with those of every nation
  • A commitment to be biblical, confessional and missional
  • A vision of leadership that lifts up public office and responsibility to share God's good news with a world that God so loves
  • An emphasis on both "justification" and our "vocations," or callings, in the world
  • A life and a ministry deeply rooted in Scripture

The goal of equipping evangelical public leaders for apostolic witness is at the heart of Luther Seminary's mission because it is also at the heart of the Reformation tradition. In order to discover that tradition more deeply, we invite you to celebrate this heritage by joining me on a journey through the land of Martin Luther, Bach and Bonhoeffer in October 2013.

This is a customized trip that has been planned and designed for alumni/ae and friends of Luther Seminary. Our purpose is to experience firsthand those places and people that are most important to the Lutheran heritage and the Reformation.

Our travels will take us to locales connected with the great Reformer (Luther) and the great composer-musician(Bach). We will experience the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, where Luther translated the New Testament into German; the Bachhaus in Eisenach and the St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Leipzig, where Bach was the music director and where he is buried. And our trip will include a visit to the Bonhoeffer House, devoted to the most significant Lutheran pastor and martyr of the 20th century.

This trip is meant to experience more deeply the Reformation tradition that undergirds our mission at Luther Seminary. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation will take place in 2017. We will celebrate that birthday early in Germany (Oct. 14-25, 2013). What a great way to discover the history and spirit behind what it means to be an "evangelical public leader for apostolic witness."

For more information, contact Pastor Blair Anderson at (612) 207-1151 or

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