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March 2018

Following an Unpredictable Path

Sometimes we get the sense that progress is linear (or that it should be). What comes next should be better than what came before; who we are now should improve on who we've been.

The trouble, of course, is that life isn't like that— not really.

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Luther Seminary Announces “Jubilee Scholarship” for Incoming M.Div. and M.A. Students

Luther Seminary's new vision statement calls us to lead faithful innovation for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing world.

And one of the most significant ways the world has changed to create challenges for ministry leaders is the growing crisis of student debt.

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Fretheim Lecture in Biblical Theology: “We, They, and All”

North American society is becoming increasingly fractured, and faith communities are not immune from the effects of these deepening divisions—both within and beyond the borders of traditional religious institutions. But what if the Bible has something to say about this moment of fragmentation?

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Luther Seminary co-sponsors new youth ministry conference

Putting faith and science in conversation to further youth ministry and assist youth workers is the goal of a new conference coming to Colonial Church in Edina, MN, May 7-8.

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Book Recommendation

Dialogue about faith and science can be divisive, but how do these two fields intersect with one another? “The Blackwell Companion to Science and ...

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