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Students sitting outside Bockman

November 2018

Giving Thanks

Here in the United States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving Day--when we gather our loved ones around us and reflect on the gifts God has given us.

And it's not hard to look around Luther Seminary and appreciate the abundance of blessings we have received from God’s hand.

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Changing Lives: One Story at a Time

When asked to share a story about her work at The Center for Changing Lives in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis, Lucy Mungai '11 Ph.D. shares a story you might not expect.

It's not a heartwarming tale of a child finding a loving caregiver. It's not a practical lesson in saving a family from homelessness through a combination of hard work, policy changes, and affordable housing. It's not even a story about how volunteers' lives are changed at the Center, though all of these stories exist many times over.

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Book Recommendation

When we think of the picture of Jesus in John’s Gospel, what often comes to mind is Jesus as the Word made flesh. Yet the Gospel of John presents ...

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