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Guillermo C. Hansen
Asoociate Dean for Graduate Theological Education
Marsha Foster Boyd
Interim VP for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean

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Lois E. Malcolm

Lois E. Malcolm

Professor and Olin and Amanda Fjelstad Registad Chair for Systematic Theology

  • Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
  • M.A. (Luther Seminary)
  • M.A. (University of Minnesota)


Lois Malcolm, Professor of Systematic Theology


Lois Malcolm holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She has taught at Luther Seminary since 1994. Malcolm grew up in the Philippines as the daughter of missionaries. Before becoming a theologian, she received a Master of Arts in applied linguistics from the University of Minnesota. She taught linguistics and English as a second language courses in the U. S. and overseas.  Her books include “Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives” (Fortress, 2009); “God;” an edited volume for “The Westminster Collection of Sources of Christian Theology” (Westminster John Knox Press, 2012); and three forthcoming books: “A Theological Commentary on Second Corinthians” for the “Belief” series (Westminster John Knox); “Sophia Cries Out in the Street: Wisdom in Christian Theology” (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press); and “Christian Understandings of God: The Historical Trajectory,” “The Fortress Historical Trajectories Series” (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press).


GR 8661 03COMP EXAM DEVELOPMENT Spring Semester 2019-2020

A comprehensive examination proposal development course. The outcome of the course will be approval of a comprehensive examination proposal by the end of the second semester. PhD students only

GR 8660 03INTERDISCIPLINARY / PRE-COMP EXAMS Fall Semester 2019-2020

A thesis feasibility independent study with the thesis advisor.

GR 8654 01THEOLOGICAL HERMENEUTICS Summer Term 2018-2019

A course in philosophical, theological and biblical hermeneutics focusing on the interpretation of Scripture in relationship to diverse situations and horizons. Various traditional and contemporary hermeneutical theories, including those originating in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia will be explored.

ST 0440 01THE TRIUNE GOD AND THE WORLD January Term 2018-2019

This course provides a comprehensive, coherent presentation of the articles of faith in the Triune God, drawing upon biblical, theological, confessional and contemporary resources. Together we will cultivate theological imagination in view of communities and neighbors through current questions, challenges to faith, and awareness of diverse contexts. Prerequisite: SG 0401 Thinking Theologically Confessing Publicly Equivalency: ST0415 or ST0425 or ST0435 ST Core Course

GR 8651 03INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDY Fall Semester 2018-2019

A tutorial taken with the advisor in the first year focusing on the intersection of the student's area of study with the program niche or thurst.


What does it mean to be a public witness to Jesus Christ in a pluralistic, post-secular, consumer society? Using classical and contemporary thinkers in systematic theology, students will think critically about how and in what ways God encounters us in and through our neighbors, calling us to examine our own assumptions about who God is and what God does in law and promise. Centered in Jesus Christ crucified and risen, the course examines how justification by faith alone turns us outward from the self through the Holy Spirit to participate in God's work of reconciliation, justice, and peace with our neighbor and for our neighbor. Students develop their identity as Christian leaders and grow in their theological capacity to offer public leadership in a wide range of ministry settings. NOTE: FALL 2018 PILOT - MUST REGISTER FOR ONE EXTENDED SESSION (E1 OR E2) FOLLOWING AUGUST INTENSIVE PORTION.

SG 0401 33 E1 01THINKING THEOLOGICALLY- CONFESSING Fall Semester 2018-2019


SG 0401 33 E2 50THINKING THEOLOGICALLY- CONFESSING Fall Semester 2018-2019


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