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Students sitting outside Bockman

Story Magazine

Second Quarter 2005

Pastors! Need an Energy Boost for your Ministry? Consider a D.Min.

"This is a new day for the church. It calls for new forms of leadership."

"I felt stuck in my ministry."

"The way we do church is no longer working well.We need a new model."

"I needed to be re-energized."

"I wanted a program that affects my day-to-day work."

These are some of the comments from this year's newest Doctor of Ministry students. Sound like you?

Learn how you can further your ministry through Luther Seminary's two exciting Doctor of Ministry Programs: Biblical Preaching and Congregational Mission and Leadership. Visit or call the Graduate Theological Education office at 651-641-3203.

Doctor of Ministry students enter, work and graduate as a class/cohort in order to promote accountability, collegiality and spiritual wellbeing.

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