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Third Quarter 2007

GMI Sponsors New Book Series

The Fund for Justice in Christian Community and the Global Mission Institute are co-sponsors of a book series focusing on issues facing the global church. The series is being published by Lutheran University Press in partnership with Luther Seminary.

Volumes examining "Encounters in World Christianity" include:

  • "Christ as Sacrament and Example: Luther's Theology of the Cross and its Relevance for South Asia," by Jhakmak Neeraj Ekka, '05

  • "Christ Holy Church International: The Story of an African Independent Church," by Thomas Oduro, '94 and '04

  • "A Theology of Mission: Challenges and Opportunities in Northeast Asia," by Gaylan Mathiesen

A second series, "Contemporary Issues in Mission and World Christianity," features works on:

  • "Mission and Migration: Fifty-Two African and Asian Congregations in Minnesota," by Dana Nelson, '07

  • "Shoulder to Shoulder/Bega Kwa Bega: A Lutheran Partnership between Minnesota and Tanzania," by Richard Lubawa, former Schiotz Visiting Professor of Mission.

The series is being edited by Charles Amjad-Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Justice and Christian Community; Frieder Ludwig, Associate Professor of World Christianity; and David Lose, Marbury Anderson Professor of Biblical Preaching.

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