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Third Quarter 2007

David Fredrickson Leading Third Trip to Greece

David Fredrickson with Father John Kostas at the theater in Philippi.

David Fredrickson, Professor of New Testament, will lead a 12-day study tour to Greece in May. "Looking for Paul in all the Right Places: A cultural Tour of the Apostle's World," is Fredrickson's third trip to Greece, which he is co-hosting with Father John Kostas, a Greek Orthodox priest.

There are still openings on the tour, which allows for 26 travelers. A Pauline scholar, Fredrickson says the journey is not meant to directly trace Paul's footsteps, though some highlights include Philippi and Corinth, where Paul had a strong presence. "What we do on the trip is try and look at places and artifacts that help us understand the cultural world in which Paul had to operate," said Fredrickson.

The trip is open to everyone, and past years have seen a good mix of ages and faiths. To join the trip, contact Fredrickson at 651-644-5632 or

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