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Story Magazine

First Quarter 2008

All-New Resources from Centered Life® Stimulate Small-Group Discussion

The image featured on the cover of "Down + Out" is of a large bronze
crucifix created by sculptor Paul Granlund. The side pieces resemble a
ladder, reminding us that the work of Christ was still under construction as
he died on the cross.

"Down + Out--Where Grace Takes You"

Five hundred years ago, a little known German monk discovered in Scripture two simple ideas so scandalous that they set Europe aflame for centuries. The church would never be the same. Now God's people are rediscovering what Martin Luther uncovered five centuries ago. And those two simple ideas, so evident throughout Scripture, are the foundation of the Christian life.

The six-part series, "Down + Out--Where Grace Takes You," reintroduces the life-changing reality of God's promises and points the way to a completely different view of life in the light of where grace takes you. This two-DVD set may be enhanced with the downloadable workbook.

"Faith Out Loud: Talking About What Matters Most"

We hear that we should be willing to witness to our faith, but what do we say? This video offers hope for tonguetied Christians.We have a faith story and we have words for our experience of God.

Listen in on authentic and humble conversations as people talk about their favorite passages in the Bible, how God makes a difference in their daily lives, times when they experienced grace and much more. Eleven 10-minute video segments can be watched in any order and spark discussion --and give permission--to talk about our "Faith Out Loud."

For more information on these new resources, or to order copies for yourself and your small-group participants, visit

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