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First Quarter 2008

Sign Up for Fall Lay School Classes

Three new Lay School offerings from Luther Seminary's Center for Lifelong Learning give insight into the earliest Gospel, journey through the desert and openly discuss our current political climate. One of these new offerings is also available via Webcast, and can be attended from your home or congregation. Two evening courses, "Gospel of Mark" and "Desert Spirituality for 21st Century Christians" offer insight into the past. The shortest and earliest of the written gospels, Mark's fast-paced story of Jesus begins and ends with surprising abruptness.  Throughout his Gospel, Mark weaves a challenging set of narratives, sayings and parables to bring us into the presence of a Savior both mysterious and determined.

Lay School is one of the many ways Luther Seminary is taking education to you--"Gospel of Mark" will also be available via Webcast. To attend, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection. You can watch classes with a group of your congregation members or on your own. If the original class time doesn't work, broadcasts can be watched up to one week after the "live" class.

"Desert Spirituality" centers on the spirituality of the early church. It is a spirituality that is both Biblical and theological. It is ancient, but speaks to us today as well because it is practical and full of wisdom. The afternoon course for fall, titled "Making Faith Sense in Times of Election," focuses on the challenges facing people of faith in the midst of an election year. Questions explored include "Are there ways to be in conversation about divisive topics that lead to new understanding?" and "Is what the media reports about 'faith' and 'the vote' really accurate?"

For more information on The Lay School of Theology or to register for fall courses, visit

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