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Story Magazine

First Quarter 2009

Convergence Brings Together Young Clergy and ELCA Leaders

by Kari Aanestad, M.Div. junior

Young ELCA clergy members gathered with ELCA leaders to discuss their hopes regarding ministry.

Convergence aimed to give voice to the ELCA's young leaders' thoughts and hopes regarding ministry. Leaders of the ELCA guided discussions and were listeners and conversation partners.

"In our work at the Fund for Theological Education, we have thought a lot about the qualities of excellent leadership as we seek to call forth, nurture and support young leaders for the church," said listener Melissa Wiginton, of the Fund for Theological Education. "Our list of qualities of excellence most often includes genuine and lively faith, commitment to the church, agency, creativity, imagination, compassion, critical thinking, and exceptional communication abilities. The leaders who envisioned, planned and implemented Convergence 2008 demonstrated these qualities."

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