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Winter 2011

Moratzkas' giving honors the past, ensures the future

The framework of Jim and Lynne Moratzka's lives is built on the church and its leaders.

Lynne still hears the voice of her confirmation pastor giving her guidance, and both point to their former pastor, Vergil Anderson, as having "a vision and energy. He just set the church on fire with his actions."

Anderson gave terrific sermons that challenged your thinking, taught people about Luther's understanding of vocation and brought people of all ages together, they said. These are all traits the Moratzkas see echoed in Luther Seminary students and graduates.

"I see that happening with the programs the seminary has developed to meet the needs of congregations," says Lynne.

"We need leaders continuously," says Jim. "Consequently, we need to help out, financially as well as spiritually."

The Moratzkas have found multiple ways to support the seminary, including an endowed scholarship fund, charitable gift annuities and payroll deductions that support the sustaining fund and the Global Mission Institute.

They've done it all, as Lynne says, "on the income of two teachers."

"You do not require millions of dollars," she says. "It's available to anybody with the desire to make it happen."

Do you want to help raise up future church leaders? Contact us today.

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