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Spring/Summer 2011

Enter the Bible impacts congregations in multiple ways

Eager to gain a deeper understanding of God's Word, many congregations have found instrumental. Several now incorporate the online reference tool into their regular studies of scripture, allowing them to dig deeper into God's Word.

Enter the Bible empowers church leaders, both lay and ordained, to share biblical teachings with the world. Supporting this resource helps others become leaders in their faith communities and feel confident to share the Word of God. The impact Enter the Bible regularly has on congregations happens in amazing, yet sometimes subtle, ways.

Impact: Bible Study Leader's Guide

Judy Rose, a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Wausau, Wis., said she'll search Enter the Bible for the summaries of significant passages, which she then will use as a leader's guide for her Bible study group.

"Right now we're going through the Old Testament, starting with Genesis. For that I used the Genesis commentary by (Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament) Terence Fretheim, which has wonderful theological aspects," she said.

Rose found that the commentaries have allowed her Bible study to gain a deeper, richer understanding of the Bible.

"Many of them didn't realize the Old Testament was so interesting!" she said.

Impact: Companion for Walk through the Bible Program

Spirit of Joy Lutheran (pictured) in Sioux Falls, S.D., has incorporated Enter the Bible in aspects of congregational life, including an adult ministry forum, and most recently as a companion for a walk through the Bible program.

"We have searched the site for help with confusing or unfamiliar words or texts. We have learned from the background and theological themes from each Bible book and have appreciated the short video comments given by Luther professors," said Katherine Eisele, director of family ministries.

Based on these events, members have become familiar with the site and are making it a go-to Bible study resource.

Impact: Teaching Aid for High School Youth

Using Enter the Bible as a foundation, Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester, Minn., created a "go deeper" Bible study for high school youth on Sunday mornings. Pastor Shelley Cunningham, '98, said they have used articles from the site as a foundation for the Bible study. She has even found the site to be a handy tool in the middle of a lesson.

When once stumped by a student's question, Cunningham quickly pulled up Enter the Bible for an answer. "The kids thought that was pretty cool," she said. "It was a nice, easy, trusted alternative to simply googling something."

Your Impact?

Enter the Bible can impact you and your congregation, too. Go to to discover how this free resource can help you can dig deeper into Scripture. And check out our newest Q&A feature, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Bible but were Afraid to Ask. We welcome your questions!

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