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Spring/Summer 2012

You’ve got mail: Newsletter provides Enter the Bible updates

by Susan Gangsei, Correspondent

As a resource center director for the ELCA, Greg Kaufmann doesn't have a lot of extra time on his hands. That's why he appreciates the Enter the Bible newsletter. It fits right into his busy schedule.

"I don't have the time to explore the Enter the Bible website for updated or additional information on a regular basis," Kaufmann says. "The newsletter lets me quickly see what is new, and then I can click on the links that are of
interest or use for me now."

Each free monthly newsletter is emailed to subscribers and filled with information about the timely and interesting topics on the Enter the Bible website. Each edition features a Bible reading tip, an online Bible Q&A dialogue, a featured video presentation from a Luther faculty member and a highlighted resource for a particular section of the Bible. By clicking on the link, the newsletter quickly connects the subscriber to the information they find interesting, helpful and engaging.

Once in the site, visitors can also access scholarly resources for more detailed information on the books of the Bible, biblical time periods, maps and images. This valuable resource provides scholarly information for Bible study groups, adult forums, Sunday school classes or a personal search for deeper biblical understanding. Readers can use Enter the Bible to get insight on how God's word relates to their daily lives.

Ben McDonald Coltvet, project manager for web resources at Luther Seminary, says, "One person told me, 'I loved the Enter the Bible website when I visited it. But I never thought to go back. The information was incredible but overwhelming.'

"That's why we need a newsletter," McDonald Coltvet says. "We want people to come back to the Enter the Bible website to see what new commentaries, discussions and resources have been posted. And we want to make that easy and engaging so people come back again and again."

Visit and subscribe to the free Enter the Bible newsletter today!