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Spring/Summer 2012

Petersons honor past, provide for future

Ron and Jean Peterson have been attending Fisher Church in Fisher, Minn., for generations.

They've seen the congregation through many changes over the years, including the construction of a new building. Before the old church was razed, the congregation carefully incorporated the original stained glass into the design of the new building. The windows honor the past while looking to the future.

The Petersons do the same by giving to Luther Seminary.

"We're both from families who were heavily involved in the church, and it stuck with us," Ron says.

They've passed that dedication down to their four daughters, all of whom are still involved in the church. "That to us is a real blessing," Jean says.

The Petersons have also been blessed with consistently strong church leadership, and they recognize Luther Seminary's role in creating future pastors.

"If you're going to have a continuing church you need a continuing supply of pastors," says Ron.

To ensure strong church leadership for years to come, the Petersons created an endowed scholarship. They appreciate knowing that individual students will receive the benefit of their stewardship.

"When you get involved in being a donor, it gives you a different outlook on life," says Ron. "You can contribute to someone else's life and do something that perhaps will make the world go round."