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Story Magazine

Spring/Summer 2015

Letter from the President: A legacy worth sharing

by Robin Steinke

“Christ is risen!”

This refrain, which we recently repeated again and again as we celebrated the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, has been handed down to us.  It is our legacy.  We know about this good news that Christ is risen because someone told us. Handing down the story and sharing the good news is a kind of legacy that comes to us as a fresh and new gift.

In this edition of Story, you will read the stories of many facets of this legacy of handing something down. Some stories share how a congregation has continued to hand down this good news that Jesus is risen, which has cultivated a call in persons to be part of a growing need for students to prepare to be pastors and teachers and leaders.

You will also read stories of how the response to this good news has cultivated a call in persons to share financial resources, which continue to prepare leaders for the mission of the church.

There is another kind of legacy this Story represents. It is the legacy of Luther Seminary as a welcoming place for immigrants, for newcomers. Luther Seminary is a place that prepares pastors, teachers and leaders for a new generation of immigrants who have come to a strange land. You will read a story of how one of our graduates is helping to share the Good News with a community in Spanish.

Another definition of legacy is an envoy or group of persons sent on a mission. You will read some stories of how groups of persons are embodying this good news by tending to kids who are at risk and feeding people who are hungry.

This edition is filled with rich stories of the legacy of good news and how Luther Seminary is responding to support this mission of educating leaders. This includes ways that congregations have identified, nurtured and sent their best and brightest to prepare for leadership, how individuals and families have planned and left a legacy gift which will help support students as they prepare to serve as pastors, teachers and leaders for the church. I invite you to get to know these legacy sharers, leaders and their stories.

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