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Fourth Quarter 2003

10,000 Centered LifeSM Congregations in Ten Years?

Representatives from 12 congregations met at Luther Seminary Oct. 20-21 to attend Centered Life's first leadership conference. They were eager to find out more about Centered Life and its plan to turn congregations into sending places that help uncover, support and utilize members' gifts for ministry in daily life.

These 12 congregations are among the first--along with the 30 congregations in the pilot program--to become Centered Life congregations. Twelve might not seem a lot toward a goal of 10,000 congregations in 10 years, but that number worked well for Jesus! Centered Life is funded in part by Thrivent Financial Services for Lutherans.

Become a Centered LifeSM Congregation! When the people in your congregation live "centered lives," your church can be transformed. Begin the journey by attending one of the leadership conferences planned at Luther Seminary Feb. 2-3, 2004, or May 14-15. For more information, visit A free information kit is available by calling 651-641-3429, or by e-mailing

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