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Story Magazine

First Quarter 2004

Luther Productions Presents “Decoding the Da Vinci Code”

The bestseller, The Da Vinci Code provides a great deal of provocative information. The thriller weaves fact and fiction into the worlds of religion, history and art. But Christians and non-Christians alike may find themselves wondering: What's fact? What's fiction? What does it really matter?

The book raises questions for lifelong Christians, those new to the faith and those with no faith background. To help individuals sort through the issues the book raises, Luther Productions developed this audio CD. It goes beyond the book by addressing how the New Testament was compiled, "lost" texts, and women's roles in the early church. Join Luther Seminary professors Sarah Henrich, Lois Malcolm, Matt Skinner, and Mark Throntveit as they decode The Da Vinci Code.

The audio CD is available through Luther Productions: or 651-646-5526.

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