Students sitting outside Bockman

Story Magazine

Spring/Summer 2011

Leadership in new ways from the first lady of Amidon, N.D.

While I was preparing to write a piece on leadership in new ways for this magazine, I received this letter. It inspired me so much that I want to share it with you. Sometimes the "new ways" need to be
informed—and inspired—by the old ways of faithfulness. Enjoy!
Reprinted with permission.

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Distributed Learning program brings seminary to the students

For many people called to ordained ministry, relocating to seminary just isn't possible. With steady jobs and families to care for, these would-be students once had no other choice but to forgo seminary studies.

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Creating daylight: Luther student co-founds facility for children in war-torn Kenya

As far as friends go, Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts couldn't be more different.

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Blessed are the Poor: How a mission start congregation in Seattle lives out the Sermon on the Mount

Across the country, churches are trying multiple techniques to improve ailing membership numbers. Some churches advertise on television or the radio, others purchase billboards, update their websites or make Facebook pages. Some churches stream their worship services online; others send postcards in the mail.

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