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Story Magazine

Fall 2017

Re-forming Theological Education: Disruption in Service to the Gospel

The story in Acts 16:6-15 describes how God's Holy Spirit moves in unexpected ways and disrupts the status quo.

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Master of Arts Program Updates Offer Flexibility for Theological Education

Luther Seminary has introduced a newly revised program for its master of arts (M.A.) degrees, designed to better serve students and provide more flexibility for theological education.

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Faith and Science Intersect

The places of intersection between faith and science are exactly where Luther Seminary M.A. student Peter Jensen finds and develops meaningful community.

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Answering the Call: Faith, Friendship and the Future

Halle Siebert first felt her calling in high school; however, it took her a few years to find the right path.

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Focuses on Leadership and Innovation

It may seem strange to say, but at its heart the church is in the innovation business. God's story is about bringing forth new life, even and especially out of places of uncertainty and death.

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Luther Seminary Professors Attend the 13th International Congress for Luther Research

In late July, two Luther Seminary professors joined a distinguished group of hundreds of international Martin Luther scholars in Wittenberg, Germany, for the 13th international congress for Luther research, an event held every five years.

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Bricks to Bread: God is at Work Here

For Mroczek, the best part of the story is not the completed ovens, the money the families make, or even successful fundraisers. Instead, it's that the Perez family themselves have found a way to use the oven to give back.

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Equipping Leaders

For Linda Bobbitt, receiving a Master of Arts degree from Luther Seminary in May 2017 was her most recent step toward finding new ways for people to connect with God and each other in a time when the church is undergoing great change.

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