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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rise, my soul, to watch and pray;
from your sleep awaken;
be not by the evil day
unawares o'ertaken.
Satan's prey oft are they
who secure are sleeping
and no watch are keeping.

Watch against the world that frowns
darkly to dismay you;
watch when it your wishes crowns,
smiling to betray you.
Watch and see, you are free
from false friends who charm you
while they seek to harm you.

Watch against yourself, my soul,
lest with grace you trifle;
let not self your thoughts control
nor God's mercy stifle.
Pride and sin lurk within,
all your hopes to shatter;
heed not when they flatter.

But while watching, also pray
to the Lord unceasing.
God alone can make you free,
strength and faith increasing,
so that still mind and will
heartfelt praises tender
and true service render.

The year 2013 arrived, and there were to be no more Air Force generated PCS moves. In the words of a Green Day song I asked to be played at my retirement service, I did have "the time of my life." Now today my ministry combines occasional preaching around Alaska (including remote locales like Shishmaref and Nome), with JTB-flavored letters (that's "John the Baptist"--sorry, still hooked on acronyms from those Air Force years) to editors and congresspersons on behalf of our poor and huddled masses.

In closing, I invite you to read, re-read and prayerfully reflect on this hymn, especially the first two verses.

And may God's grace and peace be with you, wherever today's pause refreshes you on your life-long journey! Amen!

Chaplain, Lt. Col. Keith Muschinske, USAF (retired), '89
Eagle River, Alaska.

This God Pause daily devotion is brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary.