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Gullixon Hall in fall

Ecumenical Community

Welcoming diverse Christian faith traditions

Luther Seminary students come from a variety of Christian faith traditions. More than 40 denominations are represented among the 200+ ecumenical students enrolled at Luther Seminary. This represents more than 30 percent of the student body. The seminary recognizes that the presence of and appreciation for individuals from a variety of Christian traditions is one of the strengths of an excellent theological education.

Faculty members at Luther Seminary are Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholic and Coptic Orthodox Christians. This diversity is a gift not only to the seminary, but to the church as a whole.

  • Faculty and staff work with ecumenical students to find resources for meeting both degree and denominational course requirements.
  • Ecumenical students are invited to gather together informally throughout the school year to build relationships.

Ecumenical students ask important questions, challenge longstanding assumptions and contribute substantively to theological conversation. Students of all denominations benefit from greater ecumenical diversity at Luther Seminary.

Methodist House of Studies

Luther Seminary has a strong community of Methodist students as well as two United Methodist Church faculty members: Andy Keck, Director of Library Services; and Alan Padgett, Professor of Systematic Theology. Under Keck's and Padgett's leadership, Luther Seminary is bringing these students together to form a Methodist House of Studies. It is not a physical space, but a community where Methodists can come together.

As Methodist students work on their theological degrees at Luther Seminary, the House of Studies will give them the opportunity to:

  • Prepare for Methodist ministry: Given the robust seminary curriculum and engagement with local clergy, students can strengthen their own distinct faith identity and understanding of Wesleyan theology to enhance their leadership in Methodist contexts. Find more information about our Graduate Certificate in Methodist Studies.

  • Get advice: Both Alan Padgett and Andy Keck are serving as mentors and advisors to students. Jill Apple, an admissions counselor, will help with the admissions process.
  • Connect with other Methodists: There are regular, informal meetings with faculty advisors, students and local clergy from the Methodist tradition to build relationships, support and encourage each other, talk about faith matters and connect with others regarding opportunities in area churches.

Questions? Contact Andy Keck at or 651-641-3592.