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Students at commencement

Academic Calendar

Browse the Google calendar for key dates in the academic year or find an overview below.

Subscribe to the Luther Seminary Academic Calendar as a Google calendar in three easy steps:

  1. Log into your Luther Seminary email and open your calendar (follow this link to log directly into your calendar)

  2. Click the Google Calendar icon at the bottom-right of the above calendar.

  3. When prompted, click "Yes, add this calendar" to add the Academic Calendar to your own calendar.

This academic calendar provides you an idea of the flow of the academic year and what seminary life is like here at Luther.  Please note that that miscellaneous dates (registration dates by class status, for example) will not show up on the above calendar.  Rather, they will be posted on MyLutherNet (accessible by login).

Academic calendar overview

Luther Seminary classes are on semesters. Here are how the semesters break down throughout the year:

  • Fall: classes from September to December

  • J-Term (January term): intensive courses
    (Distributed Learning courses tend to be taught during J-Term)

  • Spring: classes from February to May

  • Summer: classes occur in June, July or August

It is important to note that students don’t have to take courses in all four terms, but Luther Seminary offers classes throughout the year to help you finish your degree in a pace that suits you.

You can take both full-credit (1.0) and half-credit (.5) courses throughout your time in seminary. Half-credit courses are six-week classes offered in both the Fall and Spring semester. These half-credit courses are typically offered either in the first six weeks or the second six weeks of those semesters. Full-credit courses extend throughout the Fall and Spring semester.

In addition, Luther Seminary offers both residential learning options and online learning options. You can take classes on-campus at Luther or online from wherever you may currently live.