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Students at commencement

Scholarly Work

Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Below are examples of scholarly work by M.A. in Children, Youth and Family Ministry students.

The papers and video presentations were shared at the annual "Day of Defense" sponsored by Luther Seminary's CYF program. The presentations offer a glimpse into the types of questions that CYF students ask, and how they turn their questions into substantive research findings. 

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2019 Winning Projects

Finding God in Bibliodrama: A Constructive Use of Personal Narratives in Christian Education
by Deomie Lynn Perez Rivamonte-Mokaya
How Music Rooted in African Traditions Can Minister to Middle School Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma
by Gloria Osemenam

2018 Winning Projects

From Busy Bags to Building Bridges
by Billie Jo Wicks
Trusting God's Promise: Unspoken Messages in First Communion Practices
by Megan Floyd

2017 Winning Projects

I Believe, Lord Help My Unbelief: The Thin Christology of Austin Adolescents
by Brianna Morris-Brock
The Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Grief
by Kathryn Knutson

2016 Winning Projects

Killing Kids for Jesus: A Practical Theology of Martyric Youth Ministry
by Christian Gonzalez
Renewing Communities: Renewal of the Church’s Missional Identity
by Molly Schroeder

2015 Winning Projects

Putting the Puzzle Together Piece by Piece: How Genuine and Authentic Friendships Can Transform Faith
by Kayla Billings
The Millenial Generation Crisis: Reimagining the Church's Mission in a Secular3 World
by Corey Lange

2014 Winning Projects

Corporate Worship's Pedagogy
by Culynn Curtis
The Sanctified Life: Modesty is Not the Best Policy
by Ali Ferin

2013 Winning Projects

Bridging the Disconnect: Reframing Vocation for the Sake of Young Adults & the Church
by Aaron Fuller
Narrative Beings: What Virtual Media is Revealing About Our Youth
by Kyle Zvejnieks

2012 Winning Projects

A Future I Trust In: Identity and Vocation as the Parent-Leader
by Karen Gieseke
Communities of Creativity: The Role of Symbols on Youth Formation
by Andrew Kellner

2011 Winning Projects

Church & Canvas: Recreating the Engagement of Art with Youth & Young Adults
by Katy Vitek
On Beyond Zebra: Thinking Beyond Traditional Models of Children's Ministry
by Amber Espinosa

2010 Winning Projects

Youth Homelessness:  A Cry for Right Memory and Embrace
by Matthew Maas

2009 Winning Projects

Youth as Co-Creators in Ministry
by Derek Tronsgard