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Students at commencement

Children, Youth and Family

Link theology, theory, practice

Luther Seminary's Children, Youth and Family (CYF) Ministry degree programs integrate theology, theory and practical leadership. Graduates leave powerfully equipped to nurture and strengthen the faith of young people and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is CYF for me?

The Children, Youth and Family (CYF) Ministry program is for creative people who desire to think theologically by standing deeply in the lived realities of young people.  If you believe that the cultural and personal realities of younger people (and their families) offer an amazingly rich context to ask big questions about God, church, and the world -- you're in the right place.

Check out examples of scholarly work by CYF graduates to see the type (and quality) of work that Luther Seminary CYF students do.

Those pursuing a CYF concentration at Luther Seminary find a mutual learning environment through intensive courses, attention to community, and integration around Contextual Learning as an environment to explore new ideas.  At Luther Seminary, the CYF program has been a laboratory of sorts where students can design, rethink and explore in the context of CYF ministry.

What programs are available?

Pursue concentrations in CYF ministry at Luther Seminary via:

The CYF Ministry concentration provides students with academic courses, community discipleship, and ministry experience that prepares students for leadership in various ministry settings.

All CYF students -- M.A. or M.Div., residential or distributed learning (DL) -- are engaged in leadership in contextual ministry site. Residential CYF students typically work part-time in a ministry position in the Twin Cities. Distributed CYF students work part- or full-time in a ministry position in their area.