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Financial Facts

The fiscal health of Luther

2018-2019 finances

Cost to attend Luther Seminary

  Tuition      $18,000
  Total $40,942*

* annually for full-time M.Div. study, living expenses and books

Operating Income pie graph

Unrestricted Operating Income (millions)

 Donor Support $8.2
 Endowment Draw $4.1
Churchwide and Synod Support $1.6
 Net Tuition and Fees $1.4
 Auxiliary Enterprises $1.0
Total income $16.5


Operating expenses pie graph

Unrestricted Operating
Expenses (millions)

 Institutional Support $6.4
 Student Instruction $5.2
 Physical Plant and Maintenance $2.1
 Academic Support $1.1
 Student Services $0.8
 Auxiliary Enterprises $0.6
Total expenses $16.4



Total market value (as of 6/30/19)*  $109.1 million
Investment returns   1-year 7.35%
3-year 6.22%
5-year 7.6%

* Includes $428,572 invested by the endowment into Luther Seminary