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Students sitting outside Bockman

Scholarship Giving

Saying "Yes!" to God's call

Samuel Bardwell"Thanks to the financial gifts of faithful donors I am able to serve as an artist-in-residence at Luther, creating artwork and getting a theological degree in return."

-Samuel Bardwell,
M.A. Senior and

Students answer a call to ministry at great cost to themselves. The cost of a seminary education is rising and with it the level of student debt.

Thirty percent of seminary graduates leave without educational debt. For the remaining 70 percent, the median indebtedness is $42,279. High debt levels limit the types of calls students can accept, especially to rural or inner-city congregations that cannot pay high enough salaries to allow students to cover their debt payments.

Your support of scholarships allows students to freely follow their call to ministry, and minimize their debt so they can serve God's world where they are most needed.

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