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International Student and Scholar Affairs
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International Scholarships

Why sponsor international students? 

Luther Seminary recognizes the challenges that face today's church. For example, billions of people have little or no knowledge of the gospel, and the context of World Christianity is shifting more and more into the Southern hemisphere.

The seminary is committed to the church's mission to proclaim the gospel to all nations. International students who are trained at Luther Seminary return home to provide significant leadership for churches and Christian communities in their home countries.

Why is scholarship money needed?

Most home churches of these international students lack the financial resources to support their education.

Besides tuition, international students need funds for housing, living expenses and transportation. Students also need furnishings, housewares and even proper clothing for a typical Minnesota winter.

The ELCA and seminaries award scholarships on a fair and equitable basis with attention given to urgency and the needs of the students involved.

They come from every continent and many countries. Although many are already leaders in their home churches, they attend Luther Seminary in order to obtain the advanced theological training they are unable to receive in their home countries.

Most are working toward a master or doctor of theology degree which will enable them to serve on teaching faculties in their home countries.

Before arriving at Luther Seminary, they are endorsed by their national churches in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and by ELCA Global Mission.

You are invited to help

Only with your financial support are these international students able to study at Luther Seminary. With your gifts, these men and women will gain the skills and knowledge needed to provide significant leadership in churches and Christian communities around the world.

To make a contribution, or for more information, contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs:

Luther Seminary
2481 Como Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55108