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Internship Evaluations

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Internships for 2015 and beyond

Three Month evaluations. The ELCA requires interns and supervising pastors to complete a 3-month evaluation of the internship. Lay committees are not involved in this process. The 3-month form is different from the mid-point and final evaluation form.

Mid-point and Final evaluations. The Mid-point and Final evaluation forms ask the same questions at two different points during the internship. This allows interns, supervisors, and lay committees to mark the intern's progress and growth.

Supervisors and committee chairs will be able to fill out the forms online and print copies for themselves from their browser windows. Interns will be able to respond to the evaluations online.

Lay intern committees also participate in the evaluation process. It is the responsibility of the committee chair to submit the online evaluation form on behalf of the committee, twice a year. However, the entire committee is expected to participate in the evaluation process by giving the chair their opinions on the evaluation questions. Review the evaluation questions.

Complete the forms online! There is no need to mail in the entire form! It is the intern's responsibility to mail a hard copy of the evaluations, with signatures, to their candidacy committee, if required. Evaluations and signatures are submitted electronically to Contextual Learning.

Questions? If you have any questions or problems using this new process, please contact the Contextual Learning office via email, or call 651-641-3474 or 651-641-3266.