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Students at commencement

Evaluation Questions

For the Mid-point and Final Evaluation forms

Lay Internship Committees are required to submit a joint evaluation of the intern twice a year. In order to facilitate discussion and consensus amongst the committee members, we are displaying the questions here. However, it is the responsibility of the committee chair to collate the group's responses and complete the actual evaluations online. The form must be submitted online.

The questions are the same on both the mid-point and final evaluation forms. Keep in mind that the description part of the question is far more important the ranking.

Final evaluation also has one additional part, that of the final recommendation and paragraph. That paragraph must be restricted to a very brief account of the intern's qualifications, and you will be challenged to be as brief as possible because the form will not allow you to type in more than 900 characters (including punctuation marks and spaces). However, it will be the task of all committee members to contribute their ideas to that final paragraph. Remember that the form should reflect the observations of the entire committee, and not just of the committee chair.

Section 1 Questions

Skills needed for pastoral leadership: competency levels

A. Leading Worship 
Consider the intern's poise and presence, voice and language as s/he reads scripture, leads prayer and conducts liturgy.

B. Preaching 
Consider biblical interpretation, connection to the congregation/community, use of illustrations and organizational clarity, as well as delivery of sermons.

C. Teaching Adults 
Consider teaching methods, including the ability to facilitate discussion and create a comfortable learning environment, as well as the quality, depth and presentation of concepts.

D. Teaching Youth and Children 
Consider both material and presentation for various age groups.

E. Evangelism 
Consider the ability to welcome and interact with strangers as well as offering a witness to Jesus Christ.

F. Pastoral Care 
Consider the ability to develop trusting relationships, listen empathetically, respond to crisis and grief situations, discern the needs of people and respect confidential information.

G. Visionary Leadership 
Consider the intern's attitude about the ELCA, ecumenical relationships as well as his/her ability to provide leadership for mission.

H. Theological Understanding 
Consider the intern's ability to speak clearly and with insight about the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective.

I. Administration 
Consider the intern's ability to work with committees, deal with change and conflict, respond constructively to criticism and accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

J. Stewardship Leader 
Consider the intern's ability to articulate and model Christian stewardship of one's life, talents and money.

K. Leadership of Social Ministry 
Consider the intern's sensitivity to issues of need and justice in the community, and his/her ability to empower others to respond out of their faith commitment.

Section 2 Questions

Personal characteristics needed for pastoral ministry

A. Call to ministry 
How would you describe the intern's sense of "call to ministry?"

B. Goals 
How effective has the intern been in accomplishing his/her learning/service goals?

C. Preparedness 
How prepared do you think the intern is for the realistic demands of ministry?

D. Key Relationships 
1. Describe the nature and quality of the intern's relationship with the internship committee.
2. Describe the nature and quality of the intern's relationship with the pastor/supervisor.
3. Describe the nature and quality of the intern's relationship with the staff.

E. Congregation's experience 
How would you describe the intern's general temperament/disposition as has been experienced in the congregation (e.g. angry, nervous, confident, casual, careless, serious, joyful, flexible, controlling, adaptive, etc.)?

F. Receiving feedback 
How would you describe the intern's ability for self-awareness and response to feedback?

G. Work habits 
How would you describe the intern's work habits?

H. Strengths 
Please describe the intern's greatest strengths for ministry.

I. Growth areas 
Please identify areas which need further growth. What new insights, knowledge or skills does the intern need to become more fully competent for pastoral ministry?

J. Further development 
What, specifically, should the intern be working on for the balance of this internship? (Mid-point)
What, specifically, should the intern be working on in the coming year? (Final)

Final recommendation

(for use on the Final Evaluation only)

Recommendation to the seminary (choose one):

  • Unconditional recommendation for pastoral ministry in the ELCA.
  • Conditional recommendation for pastoral ministry in the ELCA.
  • Not recommended for pastoral ministry in the ELCA.

Summary Paragraph (900-character limit)