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Students at commencement

Internship Site Application

Internship serves as an opportunity for students to put into practice all that they’ve been studying in the classroom at the same time that they are forming their pastoral identity in the context of ministry in and with God’s people. We thank you for your interest in serving as an internship site for a Luther Seminary intern!

Our commitment is to arrange the best possible placements for all of our interns. We take into account the students' learning goals, experiences, and preferences. As we go through the placement process in late March, the Contextual Learning team reviews the preferences offered by prospective interns and supervisors as well as our team’s knowledge of the entire landscape of learning sites for the year’s placements. We seek to make the optimal placement for all of the students’ pastoral formation and skill development.

Each year, a diverse group of students apply for internship. This diversity impacts the site placement process. Please know that submission of an application and participation in the interview process does not guarantee an intern will be placed at your site

Before starting the application as a prospective internship site, please review the following documents: 


If you would like to be considered for an internship site, the supervisor must complete a congregation/site application.

Please email to request a direct link.

Applications are due Jan. 31.

If you have any questions or concerns about the internship process, please do not hesitate contact the Contextual Learning office: