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Internship Application

For congregations and supervisors

Before applying to host an intern, please carefully read the Expectations for Internship Sites and the Financial Matters pages.

Apply to host an intern

To be considered an internship site, the supervisor must complete a congregation/site applicationApplications are due by Jan. 31. Prospective interns will be able to view completed site applications in their entirety.

Expectations for successful internships

Supervisors and congregations wishing to join the program and mentor an intern are expected to read the Contextual Learning Office's expectations of internship sites. Awareness of these general expectations and a willingness to meet them will be key to a successful internship.

Evaluation forms

Interns, supervisors and lay committees will participate in a series of evaluations throughout the internship year. Evaluations are conducted at 3 months, mid-point, and end of year.

Those serving a concurrent internship (half-time over 21-24 months) will submit the same forms on a different schedule: 3 months, mid-point, and at the end of the internship.
Read more about the timing of concurrent internships