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Internship Forms

Track all of your internship forms when you log in here:

Supervisor Tracking Page


2017-2018 Internship Handbook

Internships may start at different times of the year and have different cycles regarding the preparation of the internship details and submission of online forms (learning goals, project proposal, and evaluations). To assist in tracking details please use the appropriate timeline worksheet:

12-month Planning Worksheet

 12-month Early Approval Planning Worksheet

24-month Planning Worksheet

Article: "Intern's Project: Four Ministry Areas" (PDF)

Sample sexual harassment policy (PDF)

Sermon listener's feedback guide (PDF) - Students go on internship hoping to improve their preaching, and they look forward to suggestions from the members of their congregations. How can you help? Listen carefully to their sermons, with the following questions in mind: What insights did I gain from the biblical text? How did the message from the Bible relate to my life? Are there ways the intern could improve his or her speaking style?

     Sermon Feedback Form Option 2

Sample service of beginning (PDF) - It is important that some public recognition be given to the beginning of internship. We do not recommend using the term "Installation Service," since that may lead the congregation to believe the intern is an ordained pastor. It may or may not be appropriate to include an intern's spouse and/or family in this service. The arrangements should be made by mutual consent.

Sample service of thanksgiving at the conclusion of internship (DOC) - It is important that some public recognition of the completion of the internship year be made. There is no official order of service for an intern who has completed internship. It may or may not be appropriate to include the spouse in this service. The arrangements should be made by mutual agreement. It would be appropriate to arrange for an informal reception for the intern in order to encourage congregational members to say goodbye in a personal way.

Suggestions for ending well (DOC) - Here are best practices regarding saying goodbye and ending well.

Host a Horizon Intern

  • Complete the ELCA’s Domestic Horizon Site Application Form for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

  • Review and complete Luther Seminary’s Internship Application Form (online).

  • Send a copy of all application materials, including congregation’s financial commitments, to your Synod Office for review, funding commitment and signatures by June 5, 2017.

  • Decisions regarding Domestic Horizon Internship site selection and ELCA funding support will be determined by the Congregational and Synodical Mission Unit in collaboration with the field education staff of all eight ELCA seminaries.