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For Internship Committees

The internship committee is a small group of five to eight people, meeting monthly (or every other month in the case of a concurrent internship) with the intern, who have agreed to develop a supportive relationship with the intern. You will learn, grow and struggle together as you help each other develop your unique ministry.


Internship Forms

  • Midpoint Evaluation - submitted by the committee
    • Midpoint Student Response Review - review your intern's response to your evaluation
  • Final Evaluation - submitted by the committee

    • Final Student Response Review - review your intern's response to your evaluation

The mid-point and final evaluation forms ask the same questions at two different points during the internship. This allows interns, supervisors, and internship committees to mark the intern's progress and growth.

Supervisors and committee chairs are able to fill out the forms online and print copies for themselves from their browser windows. Interns will be able to respond to the evaluations online.

Internship committees also participate in the evaluation process. The committee chair should submit the online evaluation form on behalf of the committee. However, the entire committee is expected to participate in the evaluation process by giving the chair their opinions on the evaluation questions. Review the evaluation questions.

Nine-month evaluations are optional. The ELCA Churchwide Organization no longer requires that students and their supervisors complete a nine-month evaluation. However, students should check with their individual candidacy committees, as they may still desire that it be completed. Interns and supervisors may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate the internship at the nine-month point. Download it from Nine-month evaluation form


Internship Committee Handbook


Please note: It is the responsibility of the intern, and/or supervisor to assist the internship committee chairperson with basic technology support as needed.
The Contextual Learning office is available to assist as well as needed. If assistance is needed, having the supervisor or intern view your computer screen with you, is the best place to start. The Contextual learning Office is available, as a second option, to talk you through the steps, but we are unable to view your computer screen. 
If you have any questions regarding the evaluations, please contact the Contextual Learning office.
We are here to help and support the intern, supervisor and committee!

Other resources

Internship Handbook

Internships may start at different times of the year and have different cycles regarding the preparation of the internship details and submission of online forms (learning goals, project proposal, and evaluations). To assist in tracking details please use the appropriate timeline worksheet:

12-month Planning Worksheet

 12-month Early Approval Planning Worksheet

24-month Planning Worksheet

Sermon Listener's Feedback Guide - Students go on internship hoping to improve their preaching, and they look forward to suggestions from the members of their congregations. How can you help? Listen carefully to their sermons, with the following questions in mind: What insights did I gain from the biblical text? How did the message from the Bible relate to my life? Are there ways the intern could improve his or her speaking style?

Sample Sexual Harassment Policy

Lay committee training Video


Preparing a Pastor: The Lay Internship Committee's Role in a Holy Journey, is designed to orient a congregation and its lay internship committee to the importance of their role in raising up new pastoral leaders for the church. All three parts of the video are viewable below.

Preparing a Pastor (Part One): New Leaders for the Church 

Watch video

Preparing a Pastor (Part Two): An Important Mission 

Watch video

Preparing a Pastor (Part Three): Help for your Committee 

Watch video