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[SITE FULL] St. Michael's Lutheran Church

Address:1660 West County Road B
Baptized Membership:1089
Confirmed Membership:829
Average Sunday Attendance:340
Paid Staff:Two full time pastors, a full time Director of Children and Family Ministry, a full time Office Administrator, 5 part time music staff, 2 part time janitors
Access to Public Transit:Bus stop on Snelling and B which is 1 1/2 blocks from the church
Congregation Description:Gather...Nurture...Send At St. Michael's Lutheran Church we gather to have our faith in God nurtured that we might be sent into the world secure in God's love and to care for all people in God's name. That is our mission. That is our ministry.

A moderately sized congregation composed of families, couples, and singles of a variety of ages and backgrounds, all people are welcome at St. Michael's - able to bring with them their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their dreams and doubts.
We are a community of faith where worship engages participants and helps foster an experience of God's presence and grace.
We are a congregation that understands that developing a mature faith is a life-long journey, knowing that questions, doubts, and discoveries are part of learning and growing in faith.
We are a church passionately committed to making a difference in the lives of people in need - making tangible the care, compassion and love that is the very character of God.
We are a community of faith that seeks to help equip people with the insight, courage, and support they need to live out their faith in the world.

Go to our website www.stmichaelselca.com to learn more about our worship, educational offerings for ages 3 through adult, the breadth of our social ministry, and the fellowship opportunities that are offered.

Congregation Keywords:theologically liberal, socially progressive, medium sized, inner ring,devoted to worship, education, social ministry, building a deep sense of community

Mentor Pastor: Roland Hayes

Years in Ordained Ministry:34
Years in Current Position:34
Previous Students Supervised:60
Autobiography:I grew up in Harvard, Illinois.

I have been married for 36 years to Betsy. We have a 25 year old daughter.

I begin my college education at the University of Illinois majoring in architecture. I transferred to the Carthage College where I majored in Religion. I also played on the Carthage baseball team and worked as a youth director at an Lutheran congregation in Kenosha. I begin seminary at what was then Northwestern - an LCA seminary with its building on the Luther campus. While on internship Northwestern and Luther had a functional unification so I am a graduate of Luther Northwestern Seminary.

I have served as pastor of St. Michael's for 34 years. This was my first call after seminary. 1 1/2 years after I began the Sr. Pastor took another call. I served the congregation for another 1 1/2 while we looked to call a co-pastor. When that did not work it was decided to return to a Sr. Pastor/Associate Pastor model and I was called as the Sr. Pastor.

I serve on the Board of Directors of HealthEast Care System in St. Paul. I am Vice Chair of the board, serve on the Executive Committee and am the chairman of the Quality Committee. I recently chaired the Executive Compensation Committee. In this role I have done significant continuing education around health care issues.

My dad was a cabinet maker so I enjoy woodworking. I like working on my house and yard. I enjoy playing golf with my wife. I watch baseball and basketball.

I am an avid reader. Books I have appreciated are Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope by Brian McClaren, Tattoes on Heart, by Greg Boyle, Rediscovering Values on Wall Street, Main Street and Your Street by Jim Wallis, Why Faith Matters by Rabbi David Wolpe, The Future of Faith by Harvey Cox. I also appreciate the writings of Philip Yancy, Marcus Borg, the late Peter Gomes and Joan Chittister