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Mercy Seat Lutheran Church

Address:1500 6th St. NE
Baptized Membership:0
Confirmed Membership:0
Average Sunday Attendance:95
Paid Staff:Kae Evensen, co-pastor
Mark Stenberg, co-pastor
Wes Burdine - liturgy coordinator
Jayanthi Kyle - children's ed
Linley Nelson - nursery

Grace Pardun - volunteer youth director
Access to Public Transit:The bus lines run on University, 3 blocks away
Congregation Description:- Our community is in the urban core, in Northeast Minneapolis, only about 5 minutes from the seminary. It's a great community as it's culturally, though not particularly rationally diverse, has a large arts community, and has an interesting immigrant tradition. There are a lot of working class, working poor, as well as some people who have chosen to live there simply because it is a wildly uncommon community.

- Only one worship service, Sunday evenings at 5 pm. Children's education happens in worship, during the sermon. We will start an education/catechesis class on Wednesday evenings for both adults and kids, 6 grade and up starting in the fall.

- We are connected with Northeast Community Lutheran Church (Pastor Craig Pederson) and we hook into their food shelf, clothing closet, monthly meals, and pet clinics.

- We were birthed by the Minneapolis Area Synod and they were initially unbelievably generous. With the synod support coming to an end one of our major challenges is financial. We have a group of people working on it but like with many institutions/religious organizations/non-profits (including Luther Seminary) we are financially stressed. We pray for a shift in the economic landscape like everyone else.

- ELCA, but a gob of people from other traditions who gather too
Congregation Keywords:urban, emergent

Mentor Pastor: Kae Evensen

Phone:651.497.8084 - cell
Years in Ordained Ministry:17
Years in Current Position:6
Previous Students Supervised:13
Autobiography:I was born in Tucson AZ where my grandparent's had their cattle ranch. When I was almost 5, I moved to 1000 Oaks, CA where my father taught geology at California Lutheran. I didn't really consider myself a Christian, attending UC Davis in my early 20's with my goal being an hydrologist. However, when my dad died suddenly one Christmas Eve, it hit me like a ton of bricks what the incarnation was all about. So, I packed up my husband and 9 month old son and moved to St. Paul to attend Luther. That son is now 21, attends Luther College and I have a daughter who is 17. My first call was in East St. Paul at a 3-point parish, my second was at Augsburg Fortress Publishers, my third at Lutheran Church of Peace in Maplewood, and this is my fourth call. I've worked as a plumber, landscaper, doing body removal, and bartender, and adjunct professor of homiletics at Luther seminary.

I read A LOT. Everything. I'm in a great book club with a group of professors from U of M. My continuing education over the past 6 years has been to study with a women's Benedictine monastery in Indiana. Amazing stuff.

Most of my community involvement is through the church outreach.

My hobbies and interests include reading, eating, weightlifting, lying on the couch watching 80's Netflick picks, Amnesty International, circus recovery groups, dog training, Tru tv, and obsessing over whether my bangs look good that day.