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Gullixon Hall in fall

Dynamic Community

Growing in Christ together

Students outside Gullixon hallOne of the great assets of Luther Seminary is its dynamic student body.  Diverse, ecumenical, and engaging, students of all ages, work backgrounds and life stories literally come from all over the world to learn at Luther.

Luther is a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). And although there are plenty of ELCA Lutherans present, students and faculty from other Christian faith traditions play an integral role in this community of learning. We see diversity as an opportunity and blessing through which students and faculty challenge one another and develop deeper faith.

Whatever your story is, Luther Seminary welcomes you wholly and completely, ready to help you discern more deeply to what and where God is calling you.

Student body facts

How many students are enrolled at Luther Seminary?

  • 591

Enrollment by degree program

  • 56% Master of Divinity
  • 15% Mater of Arts
  • 10.5% Ph.D. and Master of Theology
  • 10.5% Doctor of Ministry programs
  • 8% Certificate, non-degree or special programs

Distributed Learning

  • 129 students are enrolled in the M.Div. DL degree
  • 10 students are enrolled in the M.A. CYF DL degree

What percentage of students are male/female?

  • 49% male

  • 51% female

What is the denominational make up of the student body?

  • 29% (240 students) of the total student body represent 41 denominations and faiths other than the ELCA.

How many international students are enrolled?

  • 44 international students represent 20 different countries.

How do Luther Seminary graduates serve the church?

  • Luther Seminary provides about one-third of the pastors and an increasing number of lay professionals in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); Luther Seminary graduates also serve churches outside the United States as pastors, bishops, teachers and leaders.

How many students graduated from Luther Seminary last year?

  • 155