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Gullixon Hall in fall


Requirements for financial aid

In order to be eligible to receive financial aid, you must meet the following basic criteria.

Basic eligibility criteria for financial aid
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident or other category of eligible non-citizen
  • Not be in default on a prior Federal Education Loan or owe a refund of a prior federal grant
  • If male, have registered with the Selective Service Administration before the age of 26
  • If convicted of a prior drug offense, not have been restricted from receiving federal assistance
  • Be admitted as a regular degree-seeking student and enroll in an eligible Luther Seminary program. Graduate certificate and affiliated students do not qualify.
  • Be enrolled at least half-time (minimum of 1.5 courses per term). Note: J-term and spring term are combined to meet the minimum
  • Be fulfilling the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy standards for your chosen program

Course load for fall, spring semesters

In addition to meeting the above criteria, students receiving financial aid must maintain the following course load, according to their financial aid and degree program, as defined by the chart below.

  Financial aid type
Degree program(s) Minimum requirements

  Federal Direct Unsubsidized / Grad PLUS Loans

M.Div., M.A., M.Th., Ph.D.* 1 .5 courses per semester, internship or CPE

  Federal Perkins Loan

M.Div., M.A. 1.5 courses per semester, internship or CPE

  Luther Mourer Loan

M.Div., M.A. 1.5 courses per semester, internship or CPE

  Luther Need-based Grant M.Div., M.A., M.Th. 1.5 courses per semester or CPE, for M.Th. currently active in degree

  Luther Merit Aid**

M.Div., M.A. 3.0 courses per semester. J-Term may be combined with spring semester.

  Graduate Aid

D.Min., Ph.D.* Acceptance in the program

* Admission to the Ph.D. program is currently suspended.

** Merit aid is awarded fall term through summer term. There is no minimum for remaining merit aid used in the summer term.